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It can feel overwhelming for some to begin on a therapy journey; taking this initial step is often the hardest. We are mindful of this and will help you to feel relaxed, comfortable and informed when exploring your therapy options. Our focus is on helping you reach your desired goals for change, and personal development, using a personalized treatment plan.

Individual Therapy

Do you feel like there needs to be more to life and love, but you can’t figure out what you need to be truly happy?

Do you keep attracting the wrong kind of relationships or partners?

Are you unhappy in your relationship and wondering whether you should stay or leave? Would you like to go to therapy but know that your partner doesn’t want you to?

You do not have to do this alone.

We can help you get to the source so you can stop repeating the same unhealthy patterns and unwanted outcomes in your life and relationships.

You can make changes in your relationship, even if you are the only one who wants to work on it.

Become more self-confident. Feel truly happy. Heal your soul.

Couples Therapy


Do your minor disagreements quickly  get out of control and become unnecessarily unpleasant?

Do you feel in your relationship?

Do you have the same arguments over and over again without finding a solution? 

Is intimacy becoming boring and routine… or non-existent?

Do you feel more like a roommate than a lover?

Do you feel like you are always last on your partner’s list of priorities?

If any of the above applies to you, you’ve come to the right place. Your relationship is not broken, but it needs a breakthrough.

There is so much you can do to help a wounded relationship! We will take an individual approach to your treatment and give you concrete help to make you feel really happy again together.

Premarital Counseling

Focus on preventing issues and enhancing the positive aspects of your relationship. It is crucial to establish effective communication right from the beginning.

Many couples rush into marriage believing they can navigate it alone, only to be surprised by the challenges they face after the honeymoon phase ends. Toxic communication patterns and a lack of communication altogether can lead to a drift from the loving and compassionate bond you once shared. However, by learning essential strategies and tools for a successful marriage right from the start, much of this can be avoided.

With our premarital counseling, you will receive assessment, education, and guidance to prepare you for a long-lasting and joyous marriage.



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