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We understand that relationships require effort, and perhaps you didn’t anticipate just how much work it would take when you first started out. The initial stages were easy and effortless, but now finding time for each other amidst your busy lives seems like a struggle. Emotional closeness and intimacy have become distant memories, and going through a week without an argument feels like a stroke of luck. You may even question your own abilities and feel like a failure, wondering why you can’t seem to make things work. It’s important to realize that society sets unrealistic expectations by assuming we should naturally know how to have the perfect relationship, without any formal training. This can be overwhelming and unfair. Don’t blame yourself for the rough patch your relationship is going through. If you were given a new job without proper training, wouldn’t you feel lost, confused, and even angry? It’s similar to how you may feel about your relationship right now. Seeking professional help is often neglected due to these societal expectations, causing couples to develop toxic communication patterns and grow further apart, resulting in misery. However, it doesn’t have to be this way for you. By seeking help, you are making the smart choice to break free from this broken system. Do any of the following sound familiar? One of you feeling that the other is too needy, constant fights, a dwindling intimacy life, underlying jealousy, boredom in your lives together, wanting to change each other, minor conversations turning into major explosions, a lack of meaningful conversation, doubts about long-term potential, trust issues, fear of speaking up, neglecting date nights, feeling trapped in a toxic relationship, or finding yourself attracted to others more than before. We’ve all experienced these challenges, struggling through a relationship we thought was “the one” only to be frustrated and riddled with doubts. It feels like your partner has changed, and you begin to question if this is normal or if there’s something wrong with you or your partner. When things become strained, it becomes difficult to recognize your partner or even yourself. Every button seems to be pushed, and you may feel ashamed of your reactions. Whether arguments erupt over trivial matters that never get resolved or both of you suppress your true feelings, the tension and distance between you continue to grow. You may find yourself wondering how you reached this point, longing for the joyful times you once shared and still feeling the love, albeit differently. The dynamics have shifted, and it feels like you treat each other as enemies rather than allies. You walk on eggshells, overthinking every word you say, afraid it will be taken the wrong way. However, despite these challenges, you’re not ready to give up. Love is still there, and you’re willing to try everything before considering any other options. It’s important to remember that starting over with someone new would present its own difficulties, and who’s to say that you wouldn’t encounter similar problems in a different relationship? At Moshe Braun Therapy, we’re here to support you and provide the help you need to navigate through these challenging times.


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