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Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about Therapy.

Will counseling stir things up unnecessarily?

Some of you may have concerns about seeking therapy, fearing that it may disrupt your harmony and cause unnecessary conflict. I understand those worries, and I want to assure you that pre/marital therapy is not about creating problems or igniting fights. In fact, it serves as a means to prevent issues, strengthen your bond, gain a deeper understanding of each other, and establish clear values and expectations for your future life together.

Is relationship training truly necessary or should it come naturally?

Think of pre/marital therapy this way – starting a new job without any formal training would leave you feeling lost, confused, and frustrated. It’s the same with relationships. Why should you expect yourself to know how to have a perfect relationship without any training? This is why so many marriages fail. Couples often dive into marriage thinking they can figure it out on their own, but close to 50% end up divorced. Many couples develop toxic communication patterns or stop communicating altogether, gradually drifting away from the once loving and compassionate relationship they had. Fortunately, much of this can be prevented by learning basic strategies and tools for making a marriage work right from the start.

Can me and my partner connect from different places?

Yes, you can definitely connect with your partner from different places through online therapy. Once you book an appointment, a confirmation email will be sent to you with a link. Simply share this link with your partner and they can connect by clicking on the same link. This way, all three of us can have a video chat together, allowing us to see each other at the same time. It’s one of the many benefits of online therapy.

Will I be forced to share things I don’t want to share?

It’s normal to worry that you might uncover or be compelled to share aspects of yourself and your future spouse that you’d rather keep hidden. However, let me provide you with some reassurances. Firstly, this is unlikely to occur in most cases. Secondly, through open communication and negotiation, most issues can be resolved. The beauty of pre/marital counseling lies in the lessons it offers on effective communication and conflict resolution. Additionally, discovering any potential deal-breakers beforehand is far preferable to encountering them after your wedding day. I understand it may sound extreme and heartbreaking, but cancelling a wedding is significantly easier than going through a divorce.

Does what we talk about in session remain confidential?

Absolutely. Confidentiality is of utmost importance in the client-therapist relationship. As our valued clients, rest assured that your identity remains confidential and that the content of your sessions is known only to you and your therapist. Trust is key, and we prioritize your privacy throughout your therapeutic journey with us.

What to Expect in Session?

Discover your strengths and areas for improvement as a couple through our comprehensive assessment. Gain insights into each other’s emotional needs, personality types, and communication styles using tailored assessment measures. Effective communication is vital in any relationship, especially when facing challenges. By learning specific techniques to empathize and validate each other, you can address issues as they arise, resulting in fewer and less severe problems throughout your marriage. Trust the process and build a strong foundation for a fulfilling partnership.

What can we discuss in session?

The latest research on what makes a marriage work, your vision for the future, money, values, routines and rituals to keep your marriage strong, kids, sex, politics, what makes you feel loved and cared about, toxic behaviors to avoid, religion, and personal hopes and dreams.


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